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    Budget Dedicated Server - $45 monthly

    I need a budget dedicated server to run an application on. These are the specs needed:

    Processor - Dual Core (minimum)
    RAM - 8GB
    Storage - 100GB
    Traffic - 1TB
    Set Up - Free

    My budget is $45 monthly (windows license (web edition or an other inclusive). I checked OVH but they've sold out, Server4you requires a high setup fee; wholesale internet have sold out too (the one available does not meet my requirement). I need one urgently and I'll be glad in anyone can help with good suggestion.

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    $45 is quite low considering the fact you want a Windows License included. I'm pretty sure you'll have to raise your budget.

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    wholesaleinternet refresh their stock quickly. So, I suggest you to keep checking them.
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    The windows license itself is $20/mo, so you're basically looking for a $25/mo server. You should either raise your budget, or consider a VPS instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hhw View Post
    The windows license itself is $20/mo, so you're basically looking for a $25/mo server. You should either raise your budget, or consider a VPS instead.
    This ^. Unless you want an Atom, which you'd also be troubled to find for $25, you're not going to get what you want for $45. Bump your budget up to ~$60 and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding something.
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    You can select $0 setup fee on server4you. Though your monthly will go up as a result of it.
    OVH also has a sister company called soyoustart ( might wanna check it out. It's not out of stock. lol

    But as others said... windows license... Not at that budget.
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