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    * Quality content

    what does "quality content" mean when doing SEO? What should I do to get that ?
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    Quality Content is that the content must be yours without any duplicate. Google should get fresh content while crawling your artilce/website.
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    Quality content is, when you are writing an article (or) press release you have to write the content as your own. You don't copy the content from other websites (or) from blogs. The Content must be very unique and fresh and that must be understandable by User.
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    Don't go that "quality content when doing SEO" route. Quality content is something that your potential audience might want to read, and that you can somehow turn to profit. Of course you don't want to post duplicate articles, but that's not usually a problem unless the content you're trying to use is of questionable quality.

    Google for tips on quality content and writing.
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    quality content means which can easily be readable and is unique with less mistakes. which is also known as "Flesch Reading Ease".
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    The content that your are going to produce should and will attract the audience that will ultimately buy something from you. Whether you’re a product developer or a service provider, content is what’s going to show people that you have both the knowledge and skills to help them.
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    The content you have created targeting your audience which brings great value to the user. A awesome content is able to force user to be engaged for a long time. Obviously your content should be unique as well as captivating.
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    The content which is not spammy or duplicate is said Quality content.
    Many people post there same article and blog to several different sites, this is wrong, one should not do that. Always use fresh contents for your site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rajurml View Post
    can some one give me some tips of content writing please
    Tips for content writing are:

    You have to deliver the meaningful message
    Hit your headline hard
    Get over yourself
    Activate with verbs
    Express Yourself
    Speak as human being

    These are some tips to follow while you are writing the content.
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    You should not copy other contents
    You should not rewrite those other contents..

    These are all are said to be unique content
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