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    Maxmind Telephone Verification Service is next to useless

    This quote is from the Maxmind website:
    How Telephone Verification works:

    1. Online business seeks online customer verification. Payment process awaiting telephone verification.
    2. Robotic call generated to number provided by customer.
    3. A random 4-digit numeric code is given to customer via telephone.
    4. Customer enters the security code onto website.
    5. If code matches, payment process is allowed to proceed.
    I have a client that twice entered the correct code, we were charged for each call and both times the response was contary to point 5 above. The response on both occassions was:
    "Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your order as there has been a lot of fraudulent activity from your country. If you want to arrange an alternative means of payment, please contact us."

    Maxmind, via ticket compleletly ignored my question on three occasions which was:
    "If you are going to class all Vietnamese people as fraudsters, then what is the point of using your phone verification service if a Vietnamese person who passes the check is then still deemed a fraudster?"

    All they keep saying is (even though they know, no CC was used):
    "IP addresses from Vietnam are usually considered higher risk, but minFraud does not only depend on the IP address input, but also on the BIN input, which are the first 6 digits of the credit card number."

    They refuse to address the issue so time to stop using their useless Telephone Verification Service.

    Moan over

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    I think you can unmark this option in Maxmind "hold orders from high risk country"

    Telephone verification is expensive but at least help you to filter lot of fraud order and you can always manually accept orders from high risk country.
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    Yes, Telephone verification is good but why a person is high risk country should use its own IP address to order ??? they use proxy or vpn in USA and UK and order. However receive a phone in US or UK is easy and cheap.

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    I'd consider looking at verifying customers by having them send a copy of government issued ID. It's very easy for fraudsters to get a temporary phone number to pass the fraud check, but if you have them send a (legit) copy of their government issued ID then they're going to take a step back.
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