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    All in One SEO package - Penguin 2.1 Safe

    Hey Everyone, I had a nice looking sales thread but BBcode isnt working for me. So here is all the information on the service. Get in touch via Skype, email, PM or reply to thread.

    Skype - Bizzoyce
    Email - [email protected]

    Welcome to the Penguin 2.1 All in One SEO Package
    UPDATE: See Ranking Proof for December 2013 below

    What do you get with the All In One SEO package

    The first set of links you will receive include
    Web 2.0’s
    Social Bookmarks
    High PR domains
    Original articles published to niche relevant directories
    All with anchor text variation and multi-tier links

    Also Included are

    - Contextual, niche related and original blog posts-private blog links (other providers charge $20++ for this service alone)
    - Split-link system(Hidden method and Not Provided Upon report)
    - Original Articles- Published to niche related directories

    A Visual Over-View Of The Link Structure

    So What Can You Expect From This Service and Who Is It Suitable for?

    If you are looking for thousands of low quality links, then this service is not for you.
    This service is suitable for individuals who take their online business seriously and are not afraid of making investments for better return in the future.

    Not only is my service great value, it is both safe and powerful and set out properly from the start by choosing the "right keywords!"
    IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THE PROPER KEYWORD RESEARCH I CAN PROVIDE THAT FOR A 1 TIME FEE OF 20$ (Please See Keyword Research Section at the bottom)

    Here is what you can expect once links are built and begin to index.

    What Makes My Service Better Than The Rest?
    Full control over links with Tier 1 Emails and Log Ins (As a seasoned SEO specialist, I cannot stress how important this is) No other featured SEO provider is offering this due to the automated tools they use when creating your campaign. My service is UNIQUE and properly implemented.
    Penguin friendly, updated for November 2013 (Even though other providers may provide screen shots, how do you know they actually worked on these websites? You don't. To prove that my examples are REAL, I have updated the rank tracking examples below. Please note the dates.
    Natural link velocity across 2 weeks,(Other service providers often send you the reports after a day, or even 7 days. This is BAD NEWS...Don't let your site get spammed by other services!...especially if you don't have control over the links!
    Diverse mix of anchors(no-optimization penalty) I have been online for a long time and seen many Google updates. I have a full understanding of what is working TODAY and even read Search Engine News every morning...sad I know!
    NOT a Low Quality, Automated Campaign!(Other providers may give you temporary rankings with low quality campaigns using automated templates. Even if you have clients, do you think they will come back if their rankings are damaged forever? Of course not!
    Remember, that this custom campaign was developed by myself using my experience and hard work. Other service providers (naming no names) have decided to try and copy my strategy and offer almost the exact same service as me for a lower price. The truth is they have no secret method and will continue to use the same links, time and time again until Google see these footprints and PENALIZE your website for unnatural link building. My service leaves NO FOOTPRINTS as I regularly update link sources, usually on a weekly basis.

    Here are some more examples to show you proof of work carried out. Please notice the dates; these rankings were acheived during Google's latest updates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you rank non-English language keywords?
    Yes, but the text used to build the links will be in English only and yes, this works just fine as you will see above!

    2. Can you rank keywords in a specific country such as Australia or the U.K?
    Yes, but your site should ideally be hosted in the country you wish to rank for.

    3. Can I provide you with more than 1 URL and 5 keywords for 1 order?
    No, If you wish to have more keyword let me know and we can work something out.

    4. I have my report,but why can't I see all the links pointing to my site?
    Only the links on tier 1 will point directly to your site (between 5 to 25 links), the remaining links are built to tier 1, and tier 2 links (100-200 links) and finally thousands of wikis to the higher tiers.

    5. How long until my campaign is finished?
    Monthly service so links will be built on a monthly basis

    6. I can't see traffic in analytics, can I have a refund?
    This service is guaranteed to improve rankings, not traffic so this is not a valid reason for a refund.

    7. Is your service Google friendly?
    Of course, my service is completely Google friendly and has not caused any client sites to be punished. This continues to be developed each week so link sources are always changing.

    8. Can I use this for a new site?
    Yes, but newer sites need to build trust. This service is perfect for new sites and some even hit page 1 with a single order depending on your keyword.

    9. My site was punished by the Penguin update, can you bring it back up the ranks?
    I can but please understand that recent reports show that only 7% of people fully recovered from the Google Penguin update. Please access your proposed Return On Investment before ordering.

    10. Can you rank my local business website?
    Yes, I work on many local business websites.

    11. My keyword is low competition, can you rank it?
    Google adwords is NOT seo competition. To get a general idea of true competition, you may order my keyword research service or use a simple tool such as keyword canine to get a general idea.
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    This is useful
    Thanks for sharing.
    I'm learning more about SEO

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    Do you provide SEO service or looking for seo service?
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    Need SEO done for a site.

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