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    Question about cancellation

    Ok, so lets say about a week before I had to pay for a dedicated server I sent in a cancellation request, they proceed to charge me for another month after billing period is over, I then email them, they CREDIT me money to their website. Since all of this was their fault I should get money back though, right?

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    That depends. Did they confirm your cancellation request? According to their TOS/Billing Policy is 1 week notice sufficient? What is their refund policy? You should ask them to refund the original purchase source.

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    As Kubi noted, you need to look at their TOS/Billing Policy and see what you agreed to. Technically, if you didn't read their TOS/Billing Policy before ordering your service, you may have agreed to this without knowing.

    If their TOS/Billing Policies don't state anything about this, then you could argue that you should receive your money back instead of credit.

    Always first double check what you agreed to (especially if you hadn't read it yet prior to your purchase).

    Good luck!

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    It all depends on the TOS, usually dedicated servers have 1 month cancel policy, but since they credit the money, dont see why wouldn't they refund you.
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    If you did cancel correctly as per their cancellation policy, then your provider should be refunding your money instead of issuing a credit.
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    Depends on the terms, we had to cancel out an old server yesterday, we missed cancelling it before the 20th so they charged us another month, it's life and business.

    Advance notice for dedicated servers is almost always required, however many other things can just be a few days.

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    Very true is life and business. If you want to cancel and not have to pay another month you need to be proactive about things. Learn the billing cycle and this will help as well as your provider's policies.
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    No, not necessarily. You should read the host's ToS before signing up.

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    The right thing to do would be to refund your Credit Card.. idc what their TOS says. Mind if I ask what company this is?
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