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    Some of the products that are the most popular and sell the best online

    I and a friend are contemplating beginning an online store and are wanting to find out some of the better types of products that are the most popular and sell the best as soon well as ones that are more likely to bring us success online.

    So if any of you out there would be so kind as to let us know I would like to say thanks and have a “happy new year”.

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    I'm sure Amazon would like to know too
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    Well, there is no answer to your question. You need statics to have in hand what the popular brands are and what people really want to know. If someone knew what people want it would be the richest man in the world. I advice you start with analysis and thorough research of people's needs.

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    I am going to be very very straight... Porn & Toys. You'd be surprised on how much money is to be made in that.

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    on such question people can recommend a lot... so better is to mention your interest, too.
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    My advice would be to start a business in an underserved market in a new and growing industry.

    For example in the early to mid 90’s when everyone and their dog was a web designer you would have started a domain registrar and web hosting business.

    When the industry is well served and commoditized you would either have become the market leader or sell your business to the market leaders. In the hosting example you would sell to GoDaddy, EIG or the U2K group.

    In the early 2000’s an online digital photography store may have done well. Around 2005 you may have started a make money via blogging website when blogging started receiving main stream media attention.

    Here’s a nugget of gold for you and the idea was inspired by your signature. BC pot is world renowned for its potency. The trend is that national and local governments are beginning to legalize marijuana. Start a business related to that industry and try to become an authorized and accredited business according to the laws that your local government implements. Become the market leader that way.

    Also partner up or hire people who have skills in areas that you are weak in.

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