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    Pacnames bult transfer to Net-Chinese Co. Ltd

    Anyone else affected by this? It appears to be a shambles.
    We're getting emails from [email protected] directing us to pay for renewals on a Paypal site. Trouble is, there's no field to identify which domain is being renewed.

    This forum won't let me link to the ICANN announcement, but if you google "pacnames bulk transfer" you'll find it.


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    Thanks Techno.

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    Just as a follow up of this thread.
    We had a domain name transfered yesterday to Net-Chinese from Pacnames, they changed the DNS servers on the transfer to a parking server from Net-Chinese.

    there was no warning or information from them about the change, even the Technical contact of the domain was changed to:
    Tech Name: Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.

    it took 24 hours to recover the service on the company. 100 people without e-mail and web.

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    Just found out about this transfer and need help to resolve ASAP

    I just learned our domain names were transferred from PacNames to this Net-Chinese Co., Ltd. over the weekend.

    I had renewed one domain name online via PacNames website March 17th but there was no indication the names had been transferred or that my payment did not renew it. I even received a message from the bank indicating the transaction processed. I opened a ticket and never received a response.

    Our website host identified the source of the problem I was having accessing the backend of our site was the servers were pointed away from theirs.

    We were never notified of or asked for authorization of the move and had no idea it had taken place. I've been trying to email every address for this company I can find and continue to receive bounce back error messages in Chinese indicating they are not getting through.

    I cannot get help from ICANN or any potential new registrar to transfer our domain names and cannot get in touch with this company to redirect them back to Dakotacom and/or get an authorization code for transfer.

    I am in desperate need of assistance. If anyone can help, please email [email protected].

    Thank you!

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