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    Large(ish) radio/streaming capacity required.

    I need to find hosting suitable for a radio project... capacity for 1-10,000 sim listeners, and so am considering a dedi server (onto which can be installed the required software) with Hetzner, 100tb, etcetera.

    Totally new to this, I'll appreciate any info on good deals and potential downsides etcetera.

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    What is your budget and what location you are looking to setup your radio project.
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    The budget is 'whatever it costs for something appropriate'.
    Location doesn't matter too much, but US preferred.

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    Check out their servers are equipped with lots of resources and to top it off their prices are very low. If they still have anything in stock then you def want to purchase a server from them.

    100tb is also decent provider with good server specs but I don't know to much about their pricing it can be bumpy there.

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    You can check OVH, Kimsufi or SoYouStart they have decent hardware with a good price.

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    What is the main location of your listeners? Managed or unmanaged server?
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