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    terrible experience with

    network offline for almost 12hours
    not one response ticket

    when recovered , no explanation

    3 days later, now my server is offline again still no response from their support sucks

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    Then it is time for you to look for new provider.
    Failure is success if we learn from it.

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    You should consider moving to a new provider. I've heard about servers not being delivered from Enotch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosbeta View Post

    when recovered , no explanation

    So, just a silent treatment ?
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    What type of hosting are you getting from the company you are having issues with? Dedicated Server? Reseller, etc. ? I would read their billing policies and SLA ... you should receive better support than that. Make sure to backup your data.... that is probably the best advice I can give... don't let your data get compromised. I hope things get better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosbeta View Post
    when recovered , no explanation
    Pretending nothing happened?

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    Be armed with proper backups when you get access back to your server and look for a new provider.

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    down again, the third time of recent 20 days , each time for 10-24 hours

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