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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

    What are your thoughts on this phone? I am thinking about purchasing it for a friend of mine for his birthday but I honestly don't know. Is it better than a HTC?

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    I would suggest you go for it buddy, Samsung products last longer than any other product in the market and that is a fact. Before I used to purchase products because of their image, after trying Samsung products from tablet, tv and phone I started to appreciate that longer lasting products are the way forward because they not only save you money but you also actually enjoy the product, lol. I dont know, thats my thought anyway, others may differ.

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    Don't buy a samasung Dual SIM mobile phone. Its working is horrible . So had to replace my Samsung s4 mini with a note 3 .
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    I have the s4 mini and it's great.

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    Your choice is really great. Galaxy series of samsung are working very good and alot of peoples are moving on galaxy series from iphone as well. Good Choice!

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    Your choce is really good dear, even my friend is also using smsung galaxy s4 mini. It is a very very good android phone from the no.1 mobile phone company "Samsung". So dont think just go for it.

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