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    Have you ever had a Trojan on your computer?

    A few months ago someone basically added a Trojan Horse to my computer meaning he could record everything I type. Luckily it was just for a joke and he didn't want to get anything out of it but imagine what he could of done.

    Have you ever had something like this on your computer? if so what harm did it do?
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    Personally - no. Everyone knows these little "buggers" can do damage. Better get a good AV.

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    when I was 20 years old I bought my first own computer at Walmart, connected it to the internet and few seconds later I got a virus which always kept shutting off my computer befor I could install a Antivirus. I didn't know much about computers at this time.

    Now, 13 years later, I am using Bitdefender, Malwarebytes and WinPatrol and don't have any problems at all.

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    Normally these'key loggers' are not designed so much to harm your computer (although they can)

    The actual purpose is to steal information and gain access to any online accounts you may have.

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    I have done virus removal for the past 10 years. And those can be some of the worst to get rid of. But with the right tools and effort you can beat almost any of them. Also its very important that after you have removed the issues you stay on top of cleaning your system. And for good measure I will triple scan after I have gotten rid of the Trojan just to be safe, because they sometimes have other Trojan friends that you might not see until you double and triple check your system. I have had times when I got rid of the initial Trojan only to see another one pop up right away, some of them really do not like being attacked or discovered and will fight back.

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    In my opinion if your that infected reload it and I can't give my seal of approval if the stuff keeps coming back it's your behavior on the internet virus protection is belt and suspenders.

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    They are not my computers they are my clients. And wiping and reloading is not always an option because some clients are very scared of that and want there systems back to the way they had them before Trojan showed up. So in that case I do all I can to clean there systems. Yes there are times reload is only option but not always necessary. I know its the easy way but its not the first choice for most normal home users. For example 75 year old lady is not going to want to start over on her games or whatever it might be.

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    I know the feeling.... I hear it daily they don't have backups or anything ...

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    About 5 years ago when I was still using Windows - yes, I also catched a trojan every now and then, although the AV blocked them. There are also a lot of undetected trojans and viruses out there, so you're never completely safe with Windows. For the last 5 years I'm using Linux only on every PC/Laptop.
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    I've always used Windows (though I have Ubuntu dualbooted) and have never been infected. It isn't hard to not get infected. Most of the time viruses/malware are from downloads (whether that be P2P, or whatever). HJT Trainers always advise against P2P software (i.e. uTorrent). The software might be clean, but the things you download may not be.

    I've always used a combination of QFX Key Scrambler, avast or AVG and I only install what I need, nothing more. Off the shelf computers are terrible when it comes to adding bloatware, which you need to update else you could put your system at risk.

    AV Software + Automatic Daily Windows Updates + Common Sense is usually enough.

    Of course there's other ways, such as JDB's in which infections are spread. I personally don't run Java at all anymore.

    Just my opinion.

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    Everyone in their lifetime has had to face a Trojan problem at least once
    The right hand thumb rule says
    Don't click on anything suspicious and do not let any external drive connected to your computer without confirming.
    Besides having antivirus is always a safe bet

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    Quote Originally Posted by flambeur1 View Post
    A few months ago someone basically added a Trojan Horse to my computer meaning he could record everything I type. Luckily it was just for a joke and he didn't want to get anything out of it but imagine what he could of done.

    Have you ever had something like this on your computer? if so what harm did it do?
    I use Kaspersky Internet Security + Malwarebytes and never had problems with Trojans.

    You can try
    Malwarebytes free version and Kaspersky also has a trial version of 30 days.

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    I think Malwarebytes should be rated the best software of the year. It is absolutely the best and takes care of every mess.

    - Daniel
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    I haven't, thank god. Crossing my fingers it never happens!
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    Had a few in the past, first as a young teenager on a family members PC! At the time of course I had A/V's, but to be honest I didn't realise the threat I see today.

    These days I don't fall for the tricks, as if I did I'd have failed long ago, with the huge surge in malicious email attachments and phishing attempts I'm seeing. These things are getting more and more convincing!

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    we manage client computers, and found the most reliable
    way for removal is to scan the hd offline

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    I have had a couple that is why I changed my computer at home that I use as my media server, to a Linux distribution. I use windows on my office computer and laptop Because It is just a bit easier when my family wants to use my computer. But I have avg, malwayebytes, and Norton, on the computer. I try to make sure I have a desent amount of coverage.

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    Yup... Got 2 probably 12 years ago. Downloaded my email spambox onto a laptop, and ran the attachment... After disconnecting from the network. One was a virus and the other was a keylogger. I kept the keylogger machine connected to the internet and fed all kinds of garbage data.

    Just wanted to see what they did. When I was done playing around, I restored the drive image I created before I infected the machine.
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    When I'm instaling new Windows OS I always download earlier a AV (now I'm using Comodo - pretty good and free software). And after operating system instalation I install AV in offline mode. After first internet connection firstly I update AV database.

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    Years ago when I was using Windows, I had a Trojan on my PC. I'm glad I switched to Mac
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    yes Mac is the best think
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    I had a few in the past, that happened when i bought pc for 1st time.
    But now i never get that anymore, i use Kaspersky Internet Security and it works very good

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    Im most cases you will never know the gravity of a keylogger untill you get hit. Always get a good and updated antivirus. Im a fan of Norton, Kaspserky, avast, and Mcaffe. Im fond of tools like Hijackthis and Dr Webs Cureit and am just getting to learn about Malwarebytes .

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    To deferse a virus or trojan, it's good to know how a virus works, what their behavior, what are the symptoms and how it spreads or expands.

    it is also good to know the original and actual system processes.
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    Yes but I downloaded it to do some analysis ... I am running everything inside a sandbox ...

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    I am in the same boat as quite a few others in this thread, before switching to Mac I had many issues with viruses, etc.

    Switch to Mac, it's safer. ( I was not paid to state this, )

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    Yes and this is disturbed me so much.. Even I format my PC, my antivirus still found them there

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    got this stupid bug adobe.exe don't know how to remove any help?..trying to fix since 6 hrs

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    It've never happened to me yet, but yours is worth considering for upgrade Antivirus software. My avast is now working quite effectively with Internet security, it blocks any suspected website. perhaps you can try it to see

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    Yes lot of time I face that kind of problem, but Nod32 help me a lot to save my PC

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