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    Why do you want to remove and reinstall openssh server?

    Post the result of

    rpm -qa | grep ssh

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4hire View Post

    I did
    yum erase openssh-server and still the ssh is not removed

    i further deleted ssh directory but I am not able to reinstall it

    yum instal openssh-server says
    package alreaddy installed


    In order to remove openssh-server, try the following command:

    yum remove openssh-server
    Then install again using:

    yum install openssh-server
    You can also reinstall using yum:

    yum reinstall openssh-server
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    Did you check if package was removed completely? Try

    rpm -qa | grep openssh*

    Probably openssh client is still install there. - Offshore Web Hosting Provider. Netherlands/Romania || 24x7 Support
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    why would you even consider removing and re-installing ssh ?!

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    I'm not sure you can uninstall ssh (unless you have another protocol running) because you seem to be doing it via ssh. (uninstalling ssh via ssh)

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    I tried it many times but i didnt faced such issue.
    u can try following :-

    Step1: Stop SSH service before uninstalling it.

    service sshd stop

    chkconfig sshd off

    Step2: Remove ssh package from the machine by using below yum command.

    yum remove openssh-server

    or to completely remove the package as well from the machine use below command

    yum erase openssh-server

    Step3: Than install it again:-

    yum install openssh-server* -y

    Hope this will work for you.

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