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    Greetings from the United States Virgin Islands

    Where the weather is always 82 degrees ;-). Like so many others, I have been perusing webhostingtalk. com. I did become a member today as my hosting service was down (again) for over three hours. So today I spent a fair amount of time on this forum doing research about who or what to choose for my service provider.

    In the recent past I needed a VPS to run a bot to update our website every hour. The program for the bot was a windows based software package. On this website I came across a lot of posts about and signed on to their VPS windows server package for a little over $10.00/month. This has been running without any interference from me for over two months now. The bot is saving me a tremendous amount of time - so the monthly fee of $10.50 is very much worth it to me.

    I contacted Servarica again today and spoke with Hani. He advised me on what to do for replacing host as a shared hosting account. So thank you webhostingtalk for making this decision easy for me. Keep up the good work and thank you for all those people posting so I can get educated about web hosting services. I hope to become a contributor to this forum in the future as well.

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    Hi usvi4me and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    We have listed some important information in our forum guidelines and answer guide. We require every member to read and follow all forum rules and guidelines. We strive to keep our forum a useful resource where you can share your thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and ask for solutions to problems on hosting related news and services. Thank you for choosing to join Enjoy your stay!

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    Hello, we are new too in the community hopefully we can be WHT friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fibrehop-team View Post
    Hello, we are new too in the community hopefully we can be WHT friends!
    Thanks, I have so much to learn.

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