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    Domain redirection


    I have a client who i host their webstore.

    They have now moved to a hosted ecommerce package but want to retain their old store (for archive purposes) and emails with my server.

    So i can simply reconfigure the store software to use an addon or parked domain, thats the easy bit.
    Its the emails that I am not 100% sure of.

    Is the best way to accomplish this having the domain name redirected to the new host and having them add a MX record back to my server?

    i use WHM/Cpanel

    thanks in advance

  2. Yes since the domain got moved also, you need to update the MX records on the new server to point to your mail server. That's it. Good luck
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    Yes, if the domain has been moved you would have to end up changing the MX, like if you were to move a domain, you would change the NS

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