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    Fully Fledged Shopping Cart System (open source) for $79.99 one time

    Walleto WordPress Marketplace Theme
    Open your own, fully featured, marketplace website

    Only 79.99USD one time fee and it's all yours, including it's open source code!

    Key Features Included:
    Multi Language, Shopping Cart Functionality, Total Control, Messanging System, e-Wallet Functions, Monetization Tools, Social Login Integration, Email Notifications and more...

    Brief Description:
    The newest and most powerful wordpress theme for turning a regular website into a fully featured marketplace website. Each user can have his own shop and sell his products to other people. It even supports digital and downloadable good marketplaces. A real turn-key marketplace solution.

    Some good benefits:

    Walleto out of the box comes packed with the some of the most common payment gateways, like: PayPal, MoneyBookers/Skrill, and Payza. Also we can support PayFast for South African market, or iDeal for Dutch Market and many others, like Authorize.Net or Google Wallet. All in all this theme is one of the best, if not, the best WordPress Theme to host a marketplace website.

    WordPress Frame Work Benefits:
    Walleto has been developed upon WordPress frame work, giving it an easy to install features, always up to date core by WordPress and easy to upgrade, modify and create new features thanks to it's being an open source and it's core benefits.

    More information & Order URL:
    Old Guy in WHT.
    IT Expert | Hosting Professional.
    Over 12 Years of Hosting Experience.

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    May I know what license is it ? (Extra Developer License ?)

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