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    I plan to use Hostbill as my platform for automatic billing and account management. What extra modules should I use from for example their hosting automation page for the resell of dedicated servers?

    If Hostbill is not regarded as an ideal billing/management platform may I have any recommendations?

    Thank you for your time,

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    How big is your company?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lonea View Post
    How big is your company?
    I don't plan to start until I have every detail explained in my business plan and other necessary paperwork.

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    There are many alternatives to host bill. I think you should sit down take a hour or two out of your time and play with all the different options you have here.

    There's whmcs most used today on most hosts it is very easy to set up and configure even easier to customize the looks of it or even intergrade it with your website.

    Clientexec is a little old but the new version coming out looks pretty sick and dope.

    Hostbillapp is nice but it can be a bit pricy for certain people .

    Blesta is new and very cheap and affordable for most business owners it's basic and just gets the job done z

    As for free and open source what not there's phpcoin script looks very outdated and looks like it's from the 1990s but it gets the job done and is easy to set up and especially customize up enhance it with simple php coding

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    I would not choose Hostbill simply due to the fact that their pricing is kept somewhat secretive and that there is a charge for submitting support tickets - assuming this policy hasn't changed.

    The most popular billing apps, like LuxuryServers has said, are WHMCS, ClientExec and Blesta.
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