Why should you choose MDDHosting?
  • We limit server capacity based upon performance and breathing room and not with arbitrary account quotas.
  • Minimum overselling with quality server management. We watch our servers closely to ensure performance and stability.
  • Industry standard tools such as cPanel, MySQL, PHP, CloudLinux, and more.
  • We closely monitor outbound email to prevent outbound spam attacks to prevent blacklists and to ensure that you can send email reliably.
  • We don't force upgrades without evidence that it's necessary and we do what we can to help you avoid having to upgrade if possible.
  • We pride ourselves on providing fast and competent support.
  • SSD Accelerated storage for maximum reliability and speed.
  • We've been in business for 6 years, we're a private company, we carry no debt, and we've been growing steadily year over year.
  • We have a lot of independent positive reviews of our service and support - do a search here on WHT and see for yourself!

Oh - if it's important to you, as we get asked this daily, we are not owned by or affiliated with EIG [Endurance International Group]. This may or may not be an important factor for you but we get asked daily so I thought I might save you some time.

Shared Hosting Plans
Our shared hosting plans are recommended for most users as we don't advise paying for more than you need up front - you can upgrade to a higher plan if you desire or need it at any time. We do also offer Semi-Dedicated accounts should you need more than a standard shared account and you don't want the hassle and overhead of a VPS.

We offer three different plan levels offering different amounts of disk space and transfer to fit your needs:

Basic Shared Hosting - 5 GB Storage / 250 GB Transfer - $7.50/mo or $6.38/mo if ordered annually or longer. [Compare / Order Now]

Intermediate Shared Hosting - 10 GB Storage / 500 GB Transfer - $11.50/mo or $9.78/mo if ordered annually or longer. [Compare / Order Now]

Advanced Shared Hosting - 15 GB Storage / 750 GB Transfer - $15.50/mo or $13.18/mo if ordered annually or longer. [Compare / Order Now]

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