I'm currently looking for a job as a remote System Administrator or Web
Development. I've been around 6 years of experience in the hosting industry
field. I am familiar with installing and hardening:
- LAMP (chrooted Apache, user isolation, etc)
- cPanel
- Webmin/Virtualmin
- Linux/UNIX installation/configuration/troubleshooting specially on these
following distros:
* CentOS/Fedora/Redhat
* Ubuntu
* OpenSuSE
* FreeBSD
* OpenBSD

- Linux services:
* apache (worker,prefork,mod_fcgid,chroot)
* VM (VMware, Xen / Citrix Xen, KVM, SolusVM)
* php(dso/cgi/fastcgi)
* mysql
* mta(postfix,sendmail,exim)
* Mail servers (dovecot,courier-imap)

- Windows services:
* Exchange
* Sharepoint
* HyperV
- Cisco ASA firewall
and of course I am capable of managing and troubleshooting them.

I also have 11 years web development field and am familiar with this
following technologies:
- Javascript (jQuery)
- Perl (basic level)

I have no problems with installation, management and configuration of
* Software Upgrades
* Technical Issues
* Software Installation
* Server Setup
* System Security
* System Troubleshooting
* System Optimization
* Server Hardening

Depending on the workload, my salary can be around $300-1500/month.
Even if you were just a blogger who has a server but don't know how to run it, you can hire me for $300/month to keep your server and your website healthy and secure.

If you would like more information, PM me, YM me or drop a email to:
email: doniking at gmail dot com
skype: doniking
YM: pradonie