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Thread: Hello WHT

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    Hello WHT

    Greetings everyone of WHT.

    While I have browsed this forum many times in the past seeking some good information and advice I now have a better defined purpose for becoming a member here now.

    I have recently been offered a Sales and General Support position with Branzone. I plan to be helpful and intuitive in my time here, and hope to add some additional insight to the already vast sources of expertise around these parts.

    Take care and have a great day everyone.

    - Joe M.

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    Hi BZJoeM and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    Thanks for joining, the largest most influential web hosting community on the Internet! Please take time to read and understand our forum guidelines and this answer guide.

    If you need help understanding any forum rules or guidelines, please visit out helpdesk at

    Again - Thanks for joining - And enjoy your stay!

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    welcome bz!

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