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    how to share a PHP script source on diffrent VPS?

    Hello all
    i want to get any ideas from you about what i want to do
    I wrote a CMS PHP script and i want to kinda share this script between different VPS.
    my aim is i dont wanna have to copy my CMS source every time i Update its version.

    lets tell you a example

    I have CMS source with some bugs in VERSION 1
    on the other hand i have 10 VPS which is managing by myself for different customers (WEBSITES) which using my CMS version 1.

    when i fix the bugs and update my CMS version , i have to copy the CMS source on each of these 10 VPS and its a very hard and time wasting work. (imagine it if i had 100 customers!)

    so i want kinda share my PHP script source between different VPS's. Or i dont know if its possible to sync php source or something like that.

    any idea ?!

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    Maybe BTSYNC? I know i've seen a lot of people work with it.

    Another option is maybe subversion/git and just have a cron firing to pull every x minutes/hours.

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