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    VPS memory for Windows


    I looking windows vps. Is memory 512MB enough for windows vps? My budget below usd18. Please advice.


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    I would recommend at least 1GB ram for windows.
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    Depends on what you run.
    If you need to run other applications as well, 1 to 1.5GB is recommended, minimum for smooth operation. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    it is enough for windows 2003 but not for 2008 or higher,but server will be some slow!also with 18$/mo you can find 1024 or higher vps. - Managed and Unmanaged Virtual & Dedicated Server|XenServer Windows & Linux VPS
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    Most people choose 1gb ram for windows vps, according to your budget you can take more ram I think.
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    Windows usually needs more resources, but if anything higher than Windows 2003. try 1GB plan or higher
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    I think that you need to browse the section on this forum where web hosting companies place their offers. This is season of holidays and I'm more then sure some companies give away some nice discounts.

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    512 MB RAM may not be sufficient for the Windows Operating System running applications at this time. Can you please specify the below mentioned points?

    [a] Exact Operating System which you want in the VPS?
    [b] Exact applications that you want to run?
    [c] Your convenient billing cycle?

    You can find most of the VPS with at least 1 GB RAM. During this year ending, you may find various promotional offers that will be suitable for your budget?

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    Please suggest me a good windows vps with 1G memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3FRSB View Post
    Please suggest me a good windows vps with 1G memory.
    If you have your own Windows Server .iso file (and license) you can get a 1 GB RAM KVM server, 2 vCores, 30 GB disk and 1 TB traffic for around $10/month if you are using and their cloud service.
    In fact you can get a 2 GB KVM server, 4 vCores, 30 GB disk and 1 TB traffic for around $16/month.

    They have servers in Milano, Italy.
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    91 is a service provided by a very good provider!

    Also you can check out this

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    Just go for which is a new brand of Backupsy & comes with Windows license included at affordable prices.They recently launched it & for details you can read this thread from LET:

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    Quote Originally Posted by myhken View Post
    If you have your own Windows Server .iso file (and license) you can get a 1 GB RAM KVM server
    And then the OP would be violating their license agreement with Microsoft if they did that...

    OP: There are many, many Windows providers offering Windows VPSs in the WHT offers sections that include the OS for free (included in the monthly price anyway). Most, if not all, offer a money back guarantee too. If something does not work out for you with a provider just ask for a refund and move on to the next one.
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    It seems that there is an exception to the License Mobility through Software Assurance rule regarding SPLA: BizSpark

    Those who are accepted and participating in the BizSpark program can indeed use their licenses on a provider's server.

    I discussed this with myhken in a couple of PMs and AWS as well as Softlayer allow it so it _should_ be legit. I'll contact our SPLA reseller to verify.

    Still, this is an exception. Standard retail, open license and other volume licenses cannot be used on providers' equipment without License Mobility through Software Assurance.
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