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    any cheap server in north east?

    i need to set Wowza repeaters midway between Germany and LA to bring content. usage will be about 50mbps.

    bandwidth has to be unmetered
    CPU can dual xeon or up
    if possible, no cogent

    can anyone recommend a provider with cheap dedicated servers?

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    How cheap it would be? Considering you are asking for high bandwidth and cpu.
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    You can expect around $150/month for what you are looking for, I am assuming this will be an unamanaged solution.
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    I agree with the above. You're likely looking at $125+ a month.. I'd question the reliability of anything cheaper.
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    "if possible, no cogent" I suggest removing the "if possible" portion of this requirement, especially for streaming media.

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    $125-200 range would be perfect, but any companies out there?

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    34 is in Kansas City, MO and has very good bandwidth to both coasts. You could get what you want starting at $50/mo.

    Pretty sure they are mostly cognent and HE though.

    You can buy bandwidth from whoever you want if I remember correctly.
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