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    The best threads at WHT

    We're coming to the end of 2013 quite rapidly. The end of the year always presents a nice time for introspection & retrospection.

    Since most of you who participate in the lounge are long-term members, I'm wondering: What is the most interesting thread you've read at WebHostingTalk?

    I'm interested in the dramatic threads. The ones that you just can't forget, even if you tried to. Thanks guys, I'd be curious to see what some of the evangelists have to say


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    I think the Libkeyutils exploit thread was just something which I cant forget. We had admins report all this and it was like an epidimic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethernet Servers View Post
    With? Not sure this is the best place to ask for help.
    Just up-ing the post count with non-sense posts.

    Personally the best posts for me are the disasters that COULD have been saved but turn to the worst case scenarios for not only the customer, but the owner as well.

    Starts off with a customer with an issue....owner denies issues....others join in with finds flaws in the owners story.....owner yells at customer.....owner (or owners???) yell at shuts down.............all in the same thread

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    I got a kick out of the oofmaz thread.

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    The threads that put web hosting owners in the spot are the ones I feel in love with this year. A lot of hosts fell because of the stuff they had at least thought they can get away with but instead they would get cought up in their own lie infront of many viewers and then no more than 72 hours that particular host would be gone no where to be found.

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    This one is new and got amusing quickly:
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    April fool for me :-) Just fun.
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