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    upgrading CENTOS 5.10 to CentOS 6

    Please my server is on CENTOS 5.10 and I want to upgrade to CentOS 6.
    is there anyway I can do this without lossing my server configuration and accounts ?
    please help.

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    RHEL, what CentOS is compiled from, does not provide a supported method to upgrade to newer major versions (like v5 to v6). It is something they are apparently looking to support in v7.
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    Don't do it. This can turn into disaster.

    Better just get a new vps and move accounts.
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    You can do if you are ready for few hours downtime with a fresh installation. There can be other methods also, but following method is recommended.

    1) Get a cheap VPS for $2-5
    2) Create full cPanel backups of all accounts and save it on your new VPS.
    3) From your server control panel, perform fresh CentOS 6 installation.
    4) Re-install cPanel and restore all accounts using backup saved on new VPS.
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    Not recommended to upgrade from v5 to v6, you'll regret later. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    THanks all for you imput! I actually want to do this because of SNI technology on V6 but I guess I will just get another server and connect any domain that reguire that to work on the new server..
    Thanks all

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    That is probably the best idea. From my experiences I would say a fresh installation on a new server (or VPS) would be best and then just do a migration of the accounts you need moved over. This would give you the least downtime and much more control over what is down when, as you can do the migration, test it and then update the DNS and wait for propagation while the site is live on the source server, and after a final rsync you are good to go
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    It's going to stink when RHEL5 EOL's, however by that time most of the hardware running it would hopefully be due for an upgrade anyways.
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