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    Thumbs up [Sold] Selling Small Web Hosting Business - Great Starter Business.

    I'm looking to sell a small web hosting business I started in May

    I'm a freelance web designer and I don't have the time to grow this brand as far as someone else can. Also I would rather focus my time and energy on web design instead of running the business.

    Sale Includes:
    Domain + White label domain
    All accounts relating to the business with updated details ofc.
    Website PSDs + Coding
    Enom account with all client domains and $50-60 balance.
    SSL Certificates with Enom Account.
    Help with minor changes to the website / content.
    Logo (PSD as well) + Mascot
    All Hosting Clients
    Full business / brand rights and anything relating to the business.

    If I missed something important that would normally be included in a sale chances are it is, I just forgot

    Income Forecast:
    USD Currency
    Monthly: $266.75 USD (22)
    Quarterly: $0.00 USD (0)
    Semi-Annually: $0.00 USD (0)
    Annually: $706.75 USD (25)
    Biennially: $0.00 USD (0)
    Triennially: $0.00 USD (0)
    Est. Annual: $3907.75 USD
    * Income forecast is pretty accurate. Will provide income report on further discussion.

    Clients Overview:
    49 Total Clients
    24 Active Shared Accounts
    2 Active Reseller Accounts
    6 Active VPS Accounts

    Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3
    4x 1 TB Sata Hard Drives (RAID-10)
    32 GB RAM
    1 Gbps Uplink
    10 TB Bandwidth
    /27 + /29 IP Blocks (about 40 IPs total)

    Server Bill - $199
    Cloud Server for SolusVM - $7.50
    SolusVM Licenses - $20
    cPanel - $15
    Litespeed - $19
    Cloudlinux - $11
    + cPanel Plugin Licenses

    The business is pretty much breaking even right now. I believe another 5-10 clients and your in the profit margin (small margin but still). This is a good business to start from. There are no bad reviews of the company so you can determine the good/bad of the company. I have not asked anyone to write reviews but most clients have been around for more than 2 months and may write 1 if you ask.

    Price + Payment
    Reserve Price: $1000
    Buy It Now: $1200

    Payment will be done by ESCROW. For those of you who havent used escrow before please read into it more before contacting me. You will deposit the funds into escrow and I won't be able to access them until we both agree that transaction is going well, ect..

    I'm in no rush to sell, but the faster and smoother the better.

    You must be a ACTIVE member at WHT for me to consider you as a potential buyer! Meaning if you have a account with 0 / 1 posts your still not a active member

    I prefer you to post in the thread that your interested and don't PM me. Skype can be used but only for serious buyers please.

    If I contact you after you post in the thread I will include the domain. More "in depth" details will require a signed(electronic) NDA.

    More Info + Valuation
    I want this sale to go to professional individual / team that will run the business well. A post will be made here at WHT after the sale confirming the new business owner(s) to protect my reputation here. I am a web developer who gets most of his business from WHT - so my reputation as a professional is important to me.

    Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. I know I was a bit more open than most other threads but thats only because I don't like to waste my time. I am looking for serious buyers only

    Keep in mind alot of money was spent on this business and for the price you are saving alot of money. Clients don't technically come easy for a new business, you have to establish a reputation that youll be around and aren't an overnight company. So lets just do some quick math here for what it would take to start your own business like this.

    7 Months Server Bill - $200 / month - $1200
    7 Months of Licenses - $80? / month - $560?
    Custom Website Design - $400-500 +
    Logo Design - $80
    Mascot Design - $200
    Misc Fees - $300 ?? (Domains, ssl certs, setup fees, ect.. just a guess)

    Not to mention the most valuable thing of all, your time! Just wanted to put things in perspective for people only looking at client numbers, because im not just selling the clients, im selling the business as a whole. I'm pretty confident I'll get my asking price of $1200. The sooner you buy the more income that starts rolling in from clients and the more you get with this months server bill being paid (on the 26th); meaning you get a free 3-4 weeks of server time if you were to purchase this week.

    You get the idea. Don't miss out on this awesome deal!

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    Added you on skype.
    Jordan - Owner
    Graphic Design / Logo Design / Website Design
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    You willing to sell just the customers?
    Licensecart - We only sell High Quality licenses
    Visit us @ ~ sales(➾) ~
    WHT isn't what it used to be power changes people :]
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    Please send me the other details and let's discuss.

    Energized I.T. Web Hosting
    Hosting | Template Customization | Domain Names
    Ministry Web Hosting
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    Would you be willing to sell the clients only?

    Unless I missed it, what virtualization is being used for the VPS customers?

    What location are these customers in as well?

    The only 2 issues I see here is the "annual" clients and the length of time - "more than 2 months" mentioned.
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    I think your customers will find a happy home at WireNine, I've added you on skype
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    Im selling the BUSINESS. Not the clients.

    And what I meant by "more than two months" is most clients have been with us for more than 2 months. Some have been with us for 3, 4, 5, 6 months.. Basically what i mean is they are not all clients who joined last week.

    Please don't post if your not interested in the business as a whole. Your wasting both of our times. Thanks
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    Where is the server located? Do you have any qualms about the migration of customer accounts elsewhere?
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    Hi I have added you to skype. I would like to discuss this further with you.
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    Hello Korey, I believe Korey is the skype id I have added. I am very interested in buying the deal and in BIN/Reverse price of the deal. Do contact me to complete the deal. You can contact me at admin at as well
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    I am interested in purchasing this at BIN.

    Please send me an NDA if there is one and revenue reports to back up what was posted above.

    - Daniel
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    Interested as well.
    I <3 Linux Clusters
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    Location is Buffalo, NY based off a previous advertisement topic I just saw. Looks like ColoCrossing is the data centre.
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    Hi Korey!

    We are willing to complete this transaction in short order at the BIN price. I notice that you're in Ontario which is important to us as our customer base and target are Canadians. Our office is located in Toronto and we welcome the take over of your business and customers.

    Our company has been in the business of web hosting services for 10 years and I know the value of a brand and how hard it is to attract customers. Being in business for 10 years and having the only form of advertising as word-of-mouth should tell you that our business is well suited for this transaction. If you look at our membership on WHT, you'll see that we've been a member since 2002, so we know the market place and industry.

    In a transaction like this, we will keep the brand, software and server configurations as-is to ensure customers are happy with the service and transition.

    If you are interested in completing a smooth transaction, please PM.
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    I am interested in more details (please pm) but skype wont be an option right now. Can you also let me know where the hardware is now?
    Escrow sounds like a good option to me, and I would be happy to do that.

    I will be upfront, if the plans are scams (ie unlimited, or ridiculously silly hdd / bandwidth limits) then I am not interested, for all my current clients, I guarantee that I can deliver the HDD and bandwidth space that I sell them.
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    Hi, I have added you to Skype and look forward to discussing this with you in more detail. - Great quality web hosting services
    Latest cPanel with Softaculous, true 24/7 support and more!
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    Hi, i'm interested in purchasing, whats your skype name so we can discuss.


    UK Enterprise Hosting
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    Vivio Technologies is based in northwest USA and is looking to purchase small hosting companies offering shared and VPS services.

    Please send the domain you are interested in selling to "sales (at) viviotech (dot) net" and we'll gladly review your company for acquisition.

    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.
    - Jordan Michaels -
    - VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting
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    Hi, is this going on or not?
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    I messaged you to let you know - $1200 is ok - lets go
    CW3 Web Hosting

    Award winning hosting 99.99% Up Time - Low Server population for max performance 24/7.
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    Sent PM please let us know if this is still open.
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    im interested

    please email me i am interested and would like you to contact me via mastersoft15 at
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    I am interested, please send me a PM with more details.
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    I'd be interested in the BIN price, but I do have a couple of questions... since the seller has asked for posts to be made here and not via PM:

    1. If you are selling the BUSINESS: Is the business an incorporated company or a proprietorship?
    2. IF it is a business what country and state or province is it registered in?
    3. Are we safe to assume that the business is in good standing? Are all federal or provincial taxes and liabilities are paid in full and up to date?
    4. Are there any lawsuits pending that the owner is aware of?
    5. Are there any bank loans or credit cards in the businesses name?
    6. How many of the clients are pre-paid?
    7. Are the server(s) on a contract or can the server be cancelled once the new owner takes over the business?

    Assuming positive answers to the above questions, we are a Canadian company, just celebrated our 16th year in business and we would be willing to offer the BIN price and move on this deal now.

    Please PM me the NDA so we can talk further.
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    Hi please forward nda | Forum Hosting Specialist
    cPanel - Shared VPS - Dedicated - Domain Names
    24/7 Support - Offsite Backups - Forum Host-URLJet
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    DO you have a NDA?
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    The company was sold a few weeks ago. Please don't PM me. Request close.
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