All Virtual Private Servers Receive the following:
  • Solus VM Control Panel With Features Such as OS Reload And Reboots
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • Full Root Access
  • Servers with extreme lead way (No Over Loading)
  • Protected Hard drives in RAID Arrays
  • Gigabit Uplinks
  • Fair Share CPU On Server W/ 8 Physical Cores W/ HT! (16 Total)
  • FREE SSD Caching on ALL plans!

123Systems is always looking for new and innovative ways to better our customers experience. We have recently migrated our entire infrastructure to our completely owned hardware in the Dallas Tierpoint facility.

ALL servers were upgraded to brand new CPU E3-1240 v3 servers, this was a huge upgrade for all of our existing clients who received these upgrades for FREE. We also introduced SSD-Caching technology on all of our servers, this was another FREE upgrade that we offered all of our existing and new clients!

ALL of our virtual servers, including the ones listed below come with free SSD caching as an added bonus. Come be a part of our family today and take advantage of the new features that we will be rolling out as well as the free upgrades that come with choosing us as your provider!

Base VPS Deals (OVZ)

Linux-256-SolusVM-WHT(Stock Controlled)
Guaranteed RAM: 256MB
vSwap: 256MB
Disk Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 500GB/Month
2 CPU Cores
1 IP Address
SolusVM Control Panel
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Linux-512-SolusVM-WHT (Stock Controlled)
Guaranteed RAM: 512MB
vSwap: 512MB
Disk Space: 20GB
Bandwidth: 1TB/Month
2 CPU Cores
1 IP Address
SolusVM Control Panel
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Linux-1GB-SolusVM-WHT (Stock Controlled)
Guaranteed RAM: 1GB
vSwap: 1GB
Disk Space: 25GB
Bandwidth: 2TB/Month
4 CPU Cores
1 IP Addresses
SolusVM Control Panel
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Linux-2GB-SolusVM-WHT (Stock Controlled)
Guaranteed RAM: 2GB
vSwap: 1GB
Disk Space: 35GB
Bandwidth: 3TB/Month
4 CPU Cores
1 IP Addresses
SolusVM Control Panel
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Linux-4GB-SolusVM-WHT (Stock Controlled)
Guaranteed RAM: 4GB
vSwap: 4GB
Disk Space: 50GB
Bandwidth: 5TB/Month
4 CPU Cores
1 IP Addresses
SolusVM Control Panel
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** Available Addons **

Dedicated RAM

128MB Dedicated RAM - $5.95 One-Time
256MB Dedicated RAM - $12.95 One-Time
512MB Dedicated RAM - $27.95 One-Time
1024MB Dedicated RAM - $65.00 One-Time
More addons available during checkout!

Backup Space

10GB - $4.95
20GB - $8.95
50GB - $19.95
100GB - $29.95
250GB - $49.95

Control Panels

Kloxo/LxAdmin - Free
Webmin - Free
DirectAdmin Unlimited Domains - $6.95
cPanel/WHM Unlimited Domains - $12.50


Operating Systems (OVZ)
  • CentOS 5.10 32/64 BIT
  • CentOS 6.4 32/64 BIT
  • Debian 7.0 32/64 BIT
  • Ubuntu 12.04 32/64 BIT
  • Ubuntu 12.10 32/64 BIT
  • Ubuntu 13.04 32/64 BIT
  • Ubuntu 13.10 32/64 BIT


Is rDNS possible?
---Yes, we offer rDNS for all of our virtual servers.

can TUN be enabled?
---Yes, we offer TUN as well as the iptables modules required to run OpenVPN.

Is it really instant setup?
--- Yes! The only thing that would delay the setup is if your order requires manual review (Fraud). If your payment clears you will recieve your VPS information as soon as you hit the Pay now button!

What is included in your management?
--- We offer the following:
  • Software installations
  • Full SERVER configuration (we do not support 3rd party configuration)
  • System Updates (Requested)
  • Compromised Recovery
  • Database/php/mysql/apache Troubleshooting
  • MySQL Optimization
  • PHP Optimization
  • DNS Setup & Configuration
  • cPanel/WHM Updates/setup/general assistance
  • Setting up Backups (User provided space)
  • Much Much More...

(Note: By default the above plans do not come with this management, You must purchase management separately for $20.00/month)

What can i do with SolusVM?
  • Start/Stop/Reboot your Virtual Server
  • Reload your OS
  • View VPS Graphs
  • Container Console (If you break the server and/or lock yourself out)
  • Root Password Modification
  • HostName Changes
  • Manage vServer API

Do you offer upgrades for specific resources?
--Yes! All of our upgrades are One Time Fees (RAM/CPU/Disk/Bandwidth) If you do not want to upgrade the pacakge you can request a resource upgrade and only have to pay One Time for it!

Do you allow VPN and/or IRC?
--- Yes!

Do you offer Customized Virtual Servers?
--- Yes! Simply email our sales department and/or open a ticket and you will get a quote in no time!

What payment gateways do you accept?
--- We accept the following:
Credit/Debit cards

How long have you been in business?
--- 123Systems has been in business for almost 4 years!

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