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    * cPanel theme - Showing NameServers in cPanel

    Hello everyone,

    I want to show Nameservers in my cPanel so my customers can know what is the Nameservers of the hosting and when they add Addon/Parked domain, they don't need to ask me or look setup email.

    I saw in HostGator, Siteground and other hosting provides have this kind of feature in their cPanel but I have no luck to find out what kind of cPanel plugin or add-on they are using.

    Please have a look my attachments - those are from HostGator and Siteground.

    If you have any idea about this feature/add-on/plugin, please let me know
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    Try This

    You can use the Branding Editor to edit the "extended_statsbar.html" page. Simply change "shorthostname" to "hostname" and it will output the full hostname in cPanel. This option is found at:

    "WHM >> Branding Editor >> Edit Branding Style >> Edit HTML Pages"

    Thank you.
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    Hello David,

    Its better to ask your Hosting provider they can changes of the Cpanel theme the in the WHM.

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