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    New Server and New Raid Controller for Shared Hosting servers with Cpanel


    We are looking for a new server model which we can use for our shared hosting servers. Because of new CPU models, we are forced to move on also with a different server type. Because rackspace and power is expensive, we try to have as many servers as possible in the rack and keep the power consumption down.

    Our new servers would have two E52620 CPUs. Now we can choose between the following supermicro servers:

    2027TR-H71RF; LSI 2108 SASM RAID
    2027TR-H70RF; LSI 2008 SAS; RAID

    Above you can also see the raid card which is included in this servers. Are this real raid controllers? Before we used 3Ware or Adaptec Raid controllers, but this new servers don't have enough space for this cards anymore. Therefore we have to use the built-in raid controllers.

    Can someone recommend me, which of the above servers is better? Or is there any other, better solution?


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    These are real raid card except it's onboard. Some Supermicro onboard raids have optional BBU and CacheCade.

    We also use them as shared hosting servers.

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    Thanks for the information, which Raid controller do you use?

    LSI 2108 or the LSI 2008

    The servers above looks exactly the same, only the raid controller is different.

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    Sorry, the LSI2008 is HBA raid according to C.W. Lee:

    I always thought it was a real raid chip. Even LSI9240 using that chip mentions it's raid on chip controller

    I used both chips with no issues on raid1 and raid10 systems. You'll need the faster chip if you are running parity raid systems such as raid 5,6,50,60

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