WebHS is a trademark of a portuguese company called WebSP Lda, that has it's core business related to web hosting (dedicated, shared and in cloud environment), dedicated servers, cloud servers and domain selling since 2002.

We just lunch a new cloud server offer, that's a great deal for you. We smash our monthly price for our Cloud Servers and we increase it's basic specs. Don't miss this chance to have a cloud server, in Portugal (EU) with WebHS with an excellent cost.

Starting at:

vCPU: 1
Ram: 1GB
Disk Space: 10GB
IPv4 IPs - 1

Monthly cost of just 22 (VAT included).

PROMOTION: And until 31st December we offer more 50% of disk space acquired at the same price.

NOTE: Enjoy subscribe to your cloud server in your new and cool website with responsive design. Order using your desktop, tablet or smartphone

In Portuguese (don't miss the chance to learn our language ) - http://www.webhs.pt/servidores/servidores-cloud/

In English - http://www.webhs.pt/en/servers/cloud-servers/

We offer support in English.

This is an ideal option for those who search low cost cloud servers strategically located in Europe. As you can imagine we have great peering for all the Europe (and Africa).

Our actual connections:
AMS-IX 1Gbps
Cogent 1Gbps
Deutsche Telekom 2Gbps
Espanix 1Gbps
GigaPix 20Gbps
GigaPix Oporto 1Gbps
PanaP 1Gbps
Portugal Telecom 1Gbps
Tata Communications 3Gbps
Telia Sonera 1Gbps

We also have several POPs in cities like Madrid, Paris, London and Amsterdam, for exchanging traffic with multiple Tier-1 operators.

Our datacenter has all the necessary security concerns, suchs has anti-sismic building, security personal, controled access, cctv, anti fire systems, temperature and humidity control, flood control, diesel generators with fuel for 12 hours on site and redundant UPS. More info at http://www.webhs.pt/en/company/datacenters/

If you are thinking about travel to Portugal, came to visit us and we can show you our infrastructure.

We provide 24/7/365 support, meaning that there is allways someone responsible for monitorizing our services, and with the knowledge to solve some issue that might appear.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us trough our Live chat in http://www.webhs.pt (Suporte Online tab) or by:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +351 211 94 56 99