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    Most reliable Offshore VPS?

    Which host is the most reliable, when it comes to offshore vps services?
    By that I mean stable and trusted.

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    Hmm. What are you going to use your VPS for? And why do you think you need offshore. I have to say that number of the companies which offer so called offshore web hosting services is limited and most likely with traditional VPS services you will be able to have a better choice.

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    if you are going to host warez or something NONE of the RELIABLE offshore providers will host you.

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    Yes, maybe a little more details would be nice, so we can help you out.
    Offshore - just by location or by jurisdiction?
    Many US hosts have locations in the UK or Australia, so you are dealing with a US company but your node will be offshore.

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    EDIS covers a wide range of location, some of which may qualify as offshore to you. They are an excellent host.

    Shinjiru might also be worth mentioning.

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    If you live in the US and wants a server in the EU, check out They have been in the business for 16 years, and is by far the best host I have used the last 1.5 year, and I have some hosts.
    I have just started using their iwStack cloud service, thats even better then their "old" KVM servers.

    But they are unmanaged, so if you are looking for a managed server, they are not it.
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    icebluehost are very good, offshore I am not sure you would need to read there TOS. They are a little bit expensive but mostly you pay for quality.Be careful who pick there are a lot of scammers who do off shore hosting don't get ripped off do your research first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piper999 View Post
    Which host is the most reliable, when it comes to offshore vps services?
    By that I mean stable and trusted.
    An idea, to make a whois Offshore pages with( to know that hosting company works.


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