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    Arrow Looking 4 a Network Partner to Build Bigger Brand

    We have been kicking around the idea on how best to expand out ISP moving forward, whether through acquisition or merging with other hosting companies to build a bigger brand which has led me to this post. Either way would require we look to bring in someone with a strong networking background who can scale up the back end of the business.

    When it comes to generating revenue, or the sales side of the equation, we do pretty well compared to other small to medium sized ISP's who seem to be able to build the best network on the planet, but can't sell it. We are the complete opposite in that regard. That can be good and bad depending on your perspective.

    Additionally, we also look at web hosting and how they can be used in completely different and creative ways beyond the status quo. We do not look at web hosting, telco, or many other online ventures as a cookie cutter to what others are doing hoping to go head to head and try and outspend one another on the same business model. Instead, we focus on niches and combined value services. There are many creative ways to use these tools to build something much bigger and better.

    Anyway, I figured I would throw up a post on WHT and see what's out there is potential 'merging of the minds'. By that I mean, bringing in someone who has a strong level 3 or CTO networking type of background and experience, and pair it up with us who can deliver the sales side to see if there is any potential for something bigger.

    If interested, feel free to contact me by WHT PM. I would only be interested at this time of working with others based in North America for legal and logistic reasons. Thank you.
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    I have a server management team and some cloud hosting if things seem right. Do you have Skype?
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