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    * Looking for KVM Win Server or XEN Win Server

    my budget for a month is about 5USD to 7USD
    Hardware minimal need
    processor 3ghz 1 core
    ram 512mb or 768mb
    hdd 20gb
    ip4 1

    i got test this few vps company
    yardvps is the best then budgetvm , armorshark, buyvm, bluevm

    but yardvps the price is over budget ... but bluevm is the cheapest
    but bluevm kvm vps hdd speed too slow

    anyone can give me suggestion ? thanks

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    What OS Do you require?

    2003 or 2008.

    512-1024MB of Memory is going to cause issues when Using Server 2008. and for a Windows VM with decent speeds IO. you are looking at paying a Premium.

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    These budgets still surprise me, it never gets old. Good luck - Reliable Shared, Reseller, and KVM VPS Hosting Services.
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    the budget is low,but you can find some cheap KVM vps plans in - Managed and Unmanaged Virtual & Dedicated Server|XenServer Windows & Linux VPS
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    ThrustVPS, quite good

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    Check out Search for KVM providers. May find some that are still offering them.

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