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    bind experimentation


    this is a newbie question i wish i would not have to ask... but here I am...

    first a quick lay of the land:

    vps (burstnet uk) running CentOS Linux 6.5, webmin, virtualmin
    one domain name "" and thank to virtualmin some web sub servers, etc.... all under bind9 supervision (configured automaticaly by virtualmin)

    my first experiment would be to use bind on the vps to "redirect" to a fixed IP4 address w.x.y.z

    after plenty of reading, i added one record (address) to the master zone pointing to w.x.y.z
    it now shows on the address list but any attempt to use from a web browser will end up being served by the "default" apache server running on the VPS.

    Have I forgotten a key stage in the process?

    please help a willing learner to move forward


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    Delete the sub server for and create a DNS record for serverXX under the virtual server for -> Administration -> DNS Records. Since you don't need to create a website and email accounts for, you don't need to create a virtual server for it.

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    thank for this quick reply... I actually have not created the subserver...
    all i did was to use webmin module bind to add a record to master zone ""...

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    I checked on the virtualmin side, is already a DNS record of
    (not really a surprise!!! i checked HOST zone file and was there!!)

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