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  • Kept classified ads, it is not bad link for website seo

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    Low PR Classified ads link needs to remove or not?

    My Website have so many classified ads back links. Some of the classified ads website is of low PR(n/a,0). I need to know whether I need to kept the ads there or remove them. I ask it for the means of seo.

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    PR has little to do with it. What type of sites are these? What does their backlink profile look like? How long have they been around? Thats the questions you should be asking. If all of the above questions have good answers I think it would be fine to keep them there. ~ A Small Orange Web Hosting Coupons ~ Check out Zuziko For Some Great Coupons, Sales & Discounts
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    It depends on the niche, if they are under your niche then you shouldn't bother about it unless disavow them.

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    Yes, If you have log in details, then you should change add details or delete your ads.

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    In terms of SEO, Its better you remove link from those classifieds.
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    By using Login Details, you can log in to that site and edit the details (or) submit new one with fresh content and contact details.If the links are useless disavow them.

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    Well i am strict to not have low quality links so first i would not go for posting my ad on such classified sites with low quality and low page rank. Secondly if i have that sites i would like my link to be removed from such sites.
    Another thing i want to share is that the classified sites only allow our ad to present for some specific time and after the deadline they automatically remove our ad. So one can remove his link by himself or wait until the ad period will over.

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