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    Mobile unlocking business? domain question

    I recently came across a listing on flippa for a premium domain for the mobile unlocking industry but I am not sure if I should buy it, I remember unlocking dot com was sold for $195,000 maybe a year or two ago.

    It seems like a good business so I would like your suggestions in regards to that, it seems that the industry is growing more and more and would like to see if its worth it go go to that business

    here is the first listing for the domain:

    and here is the listing that sold for 195K:

    Please share your suggestions so I can make up my mind

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    Despite what the advertiser says, there is no such thing as an "easy" business to build.

    It's just like any other business idea. You must gather the proper tools and use them to create your business. Then sell your service to whomever wants it, and with some luck you will succeed.

    If you think having the "" domain name will be a helpful tool to create a successful business... then go for it.

    Just remember that it is only a domain name. You must still actually create the business.
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