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    Need help finding dedicated server with kvm

    After no luck using the search (might be wrong search terms) i thouught i dare to ask.

    I am looing for a dedicated server with kvm available on request.
    Either in the form of a small extra payment or similar.
    Some approx specs needed is:

    100 M/bit
    Approx 5TB
    Free available reinstall/reboot through a webinterface.
    2Gb ram
    500MB-1TB HDD
    Dual core
    Extra ip available

    Thanks in advance and may you all have a happy new year.

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    Most providers have KVM over ip & remote reboot
    Just ask them if its not in their order process
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    What the others have said really, 95% of hosts offer kvmoip and 100% of hosts will offer reboots.

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