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    Need help finding dedicated server with vm

    After no luck using the search (might be wrong search terms) i thouught i dare to ask.

    I am looing for a dedicated server with kvm available on request.
    Either in the form of a small extra payment or similar.
    Some approx specs needed is:

    100 M/bit
    Approx 5TB
    Free available reinstall/reboot through a webinterface.
    2Gb ram
    500MB-1TB HDD
    Dual core
    Extra ip available

    Thanks in advance and may you all have a happy new year.

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    You will be able to find what you are looking for here:

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    DACENTEC offers a free loan on request . I recall seeing that in the offers section. I think dedidirect (spelling might be a hair different) Also I think offers it. I just look up the Dacentec one as I thought I remember seeing that the other day.

    I would check the offers section and go through a bunch . I am sure you will find several that off KVM on request. Once you sort through the ones that provide the KVM I would then make sure your other demands are met. Which the other requirements you have listed seem commonly available anymore.


    Looks like Netdepot got you the link of where you need to go =).

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    Pretty good offer on the atom, might suit your needs perfectly!

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    Is there any preference of location?

    What is your budget?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan White View Post

    Pretty good offer on the atom, might suit your needs perfectly!
    Thank you for the recommendation!
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    I have signed up (and used) one their 1Gps servers. The server itself runs finne nothing there. But the problem is that one of the things i use the server for is running a mediaserver and with my home location being Denmark it buffers way too much since they curently only have datacenters in the US.
    So i am still looking for a server but closer to home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maple-Hosting View Post
    Is there any preference of location?

    What is your budget?
    Prefered location would be within the EU
    My budget is more or less no limt

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    Why not get a server with IPMI and KVMoIP, so you don't need to wait to be provisioned anything or is that outside of your budget? - Affordable Dedicated Servers in Los Angeles, California
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    Found this
    Will try them out

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    Glad you find a provider that fit your specs. Let us know your feedback on the company later.
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