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    VPS Help

    Hello, I just purchased a 1024 VPS off and I'm mew to it so I'm not sure on how to access it. I have a macbok air and am trying to run a client with multiple accounts running on it. My mac couldn't handle all of it. It got laggy and slow so I was recommend a VPS.

    Please help

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    Do you mean accessing your VPS via SSH? If so, you can use terminal.
    In the command line, type in "ssh -l user ip.address".

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    I'm not sure on how to access it
    yes access it how
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    Use the Terminal which comes with all macs, use what was said above.

    Also, have you got some sort of control panel installed with it? I would recommend cPanel if your going to have multiple websites running on it.
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    If you are finding it difficult, ask your service provider they might have some guide for accessing it through which you can get use to it.
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    If you your VPS is slow you should contact your service provide telling about the issues. If you have a Mac OS then "ssh IPaddress" will connect to your VPS.
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