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    thinking of starting a small ssl certificate business

    hey guys, i have a bit of spare time on my hands these days and i have some good contacts due to me doing large amounts of purchases on behalf of some clients. In the SSL Certificate area. and website security. i was thinking of starting a small online business where i can pass on these cheaper prices to other people. i wont be really running it for much profit. just enough to cover my costs of running it and all but i was wondering if people have any ideas or thoughts about what they like to see in an online website/store to buy ssl certificates. at the moment i have been looking into selling symantec, geotrust, thawte comodo and maybe a few others. an example of the prices i can get people would be: the comodo multi-domain extended validation, i could get that down to $199 per year. thats with 3 domains included.
    i know that support would be a main thing people like to see, which i am happy to give to everyone via an online ticket and email system also with the help of my partner, and i think i could reply to support enquries within a couple of hours as i am always near my computer working. Phone support i would like to offer but i think that might not be possible at this stage. i do know that comodo and geotrust will give phone support to most people even if though a reseller the product was bought.
    anyways i am rambling on a bit.
    i was just wondering if anyone has any feedback or anything really, on what they like to see in an online ssl certificate store/provider.
    also forgot to mention, i think i would mainly focus on the australian market, but will accept orders from anywhere really. i might post this up in a few forums so sorry if you see it in more then one place.

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    As you have mentioned, This is not profitable unless you are selling 100's or 1000's of certs everyday. There are a lot of cheap certs nowadays as low as $5 per yr such as the PositiveSSL yet it's good to add it as a complementary service.

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    This business is very risky and tricky, anybody can run an SSL and you need to sell alot of them to be able to make profits as mentioned before

    People wont buy from you because the main reason is security and you are a small company so you are not very well known and they actually prefer to pay the big guys because they are recognized by everyone and that adds a value to them

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