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    Good Mom and Pop ISP available in TEXAS?

    I run a PHPBB3 Forum, 1000 users, 15 to 40 posts a day, and most messages in a DB from 2003. The DB is large. When I change hosts, I have to use Bigdump. No big load as rarely more than 10 users at a time on my site.

    I would like to find a small Texas ISP who concentrates on their customers, and does treat their customers not only for their business but as friends.

    I don't want an ISP who has 10 hubs around the world.

    I don't care for intense 24 by 7 service. If they are monitoring their server(s) and it is up, they don't have to be in the office or at an 800 number 24 hours a day. If they are there in the day time to respond to problems or questions, that is fine.

    I suppose what I want is not a Walmart ISP, but rather a Mom and Pop ISP.

    Is there such an TEXAS ISP that is available anyone could recommend?

    I know of a good host in California as well as Canada, but I would prefer finding a host in TEXAS as I am in TEXAS, are there any smaller ones down South that has good reviews that come to your mind? please share.
    Not looking for cheap, I am willing to pay for quality.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Try OpLink

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    There are many providers that host out of Texas, I would look through the shared hosting offers section and find hosts that run out of Texas.

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    Texas owned company ?
    Texas hosted company ?
    Or both Texas owned & Texas hosted ?
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