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    Exclamation Wordpress Plugins for quiz and reports?

    On a site I am building I am needing a few plug ins, but am not sure what I need.
    If anyone can help with suggestions I would be more than grateful.
    Firstly, my site has client portals for every client that has registered.
    I am thinking of using WP-Client for this ( If anyone knows of better please advise.
    The portals will have certain functionality and features.
    The following are features I am looking to have.
    1. Quiz plug in:
    I would like to be able to have client choose a quiz or test from a predefined and previously created list of tests, assign this quiz/test to an individual and create an individual link for the individual to use to login and complete the quiz/test.
    The results will be emailed or piped back to the client and the individual taking the test.
    I would also like the results to show up on the clients portal page if possible.
    2. Receiving reports:
    I assume this can be done with a simple form, but was wondering if there was a plug in that may handle it better and provide more functionality.
    A "send report" link will be on the front page of website and visitors will click this and navigate to a page that has pre-defined form for receiving specialised comments.
    These comments will be emailed to admin so I can send them to the relevant client, dependent on certain criteria.
    I am hoping to find effective plugins for these but cannot find anything as yet. I am not a strong coder so am not confident of adapting plugins myself, but if I find what can be used I am sure I can find someone to adapt them for me.
    Thanks in advance for any help I receive.

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    You can use ClickQuiz or Easy Quiz for quiz plugin. I am not sure about the reports plugin but you can give CollabPress a try.

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