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    Good budget - Panama/Ukraine dedicated server


    I'm looking for a dedicated server in a country like Panama or Ukraine where, from what I've heard, the Internet laws are rather lax and not under the influence of the US. I would host content against copyright, but the traffic would be very low and from the same people. I would not host anything related to virus, phishing or anything like that.

    My only real constraint is related to the Internet connection. It doesn't need to be ultra fast (although it is a bonus); however, I need it to be very stable -- no downtimes at all. I only need the minimum for stuff like processor, memory or disk space.

    Budget is not an issue. By that, I mean I would not necessary spend $400 per month for the heck of it, but if that is the price to pay, I would spend it.

    I can communicate in French, English and Spanish.

    I don't need a panel. I know how to use SSH.

    I'm used to CentOS, but I guess I can learn to use another OS.

    Any recommandations?

    Thank you!
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    Found this one:

    I am sure you can use google to search for ukraine dedicated server.
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    Indeed; but I'm unable to know if the service they offer is worth the money they are asking. For instance, I tried a server from, and while the network is fast enough, it suffers from small downtimes (1-3 minutes) a few times per day.

    Thanks, though.
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    That hosts known to be strong against abuses. I think all of them could communicate in English. Russian/Ukrainian, great support. Russian company with servers in NL (they host absolutely everything). Ukrainie Russian with server in EU

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