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White Sands Hosting wished you and your family a happy New Year!
We would like to extend the offer below to the WSH Community.
In addition if you use coupon code 12TF6ZK4PP you can take an additional 20% off!

White Sands Hosting

About us:
We have been in business since 2009 providing Webhosting and VPS to local businesses.
Since 2013 we are operating our own AS Number, 55229.
To maximize Uptime all Routers and Servers have redundant Power, A+B Feed connecting to separate UPS's and Generators.

Dedicated Server - Dual E5530 - 24GB RAM

500GB WD Black Hard Drive
10000GB Bandwidth
IPMI Included (Shared Port) add $5 for dedicated port
/29 IP addresses (4 Usable)
100Mb/s Port (upgradable to 1000Mb/s Port)
Redundant Power included

$99.49 / Month ($79.60 with Coupon code 12TF6ZK4PP)
$283.54 / Quarter ($226.83 with Coupon code 12TF6ZK4PP)
$537.24 / Semi-Annual ($429.80 with Coupon code 12TF6ZK4PP)
$1014.05 / Year ($811.24 with Coupon code 12TF6ZK4PP)

Order Now!
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Test File / IP:

100MB File
1000MB File

How long does it take to set up my Dedicated Server?
After receiving your payment your server will be set up within 1 - 12 hours.

How can I pay?
We currently accept Paypal and Bitcoin

I need more IP Addresses, how much is additional space?
You will need to fill out the ARIN Justification form. Additional IP addresses are $1 each.

Can I install my own os?
Yes! All servers have IPMI Build in. You can install your own OS.

I need more RAM can you help?
Please contact [email protected] with your requirements and we will send you a customized Quote and estimated lead times!

[email protected]
White Sands Hosting LLC