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    Looking for an integrated billing/server/customer management solution


    I have been doing some searching for an integrated (all-in-one, or nearly all-in-one) solution to handle billing and invoicing, orders, and server management. The solution needs to include:

    Support for Shared, VPS(XenServer), Dedicated, Co-Lo, Cloud (Cloudstack or Openstack), handle IP management (with IP6 support), and work with 1000-10000 clients.

    Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated. We previously gave WHMCS a try, but it didn't quite fit our needs (it might now), so I am hoping that given the above needs someone here may have a better idea.

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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    Hostbill, I have never tried it but it's worth a look.

    There is client exec I have used it and didn't like it but again it's worth a try.

    I know you have used whmcs but pretty much all software providers are making modules to work with whmcs so again it's worth another look.

    Hope you find something.

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    concerns about hostbill

    I was really excited when I looked into Hostbill, but I began to have some serious concerns when I discovered that you cannot send in questions or make sales tickets with them unless you've already purchased it. We made an inquiry with them and got an initial quote, but then got no further answers to our followup questions. It made me a little leery about the way they do business. Maybe my concerns are unfounded.

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    anyone try ubersmith?

    I was looking at ubersmith and it looks like it might be promising...

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    We use HostBill for cloud and will be moving VPS to it soon. Their support has gone through some weird changes over the last year or so. It's not great, but it gets the job done. We've found the software to be quite good.
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