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  1. #1 ||| XEN HVM 1GB RAM $5.5 ||| XEN HVM 2GB RAM $7

    Hi to all of you.

    We offer another great XEN HVM Plan under our low cost brand

    Best value for your money.

    Here is what we offer:

    2 Shared CPU Cores
    1024 MB of RAM (add $1.5 for additional 1024 MB)
    30 GB Of HW Raid 10 Storage
    750 GB @ 1 GBPS shared port
    IPv6 Ready
    ONLY $5.5 Per Month
    ORDER YOURS @ (click on sugar bag)

    Linux, Windows (with your licence or 180 days trial), or any other ISO that you provide

    We don't allow torrents, public vpn, tor, warez, porn and any other illegal activity.

    You can find more about us @ our web.

    Also check our Dedicated Core plans @ AbusiveCores, where you can run your CPU at 100% all day long. Plans are starting from $6.5 per month.

    Need any info, please contact us.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Is possible upgrade webspace to 50 gb with one time fee? I'm not interested to pay with montly fees.
    If it not possible I will order to another vps hosting.

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    It is possible.

    Open ticket here

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