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    Review of Server Company Serverhub

    So where to begin… guess I can start by introducing myself. I am the owner of a popular File Hosting site and newly acquired We also provide website and VPS hosting on the side. We have been providing free file hosting to Developers for about two and half years. For any of you that know of our site you will know we push some serious traffic. Each of our 10 servers around the US use over 100TB a month each. This is some insane BW and we needed to find the best hosts to handle our traffic and our rapid growth. We started out years ago on a shared hosting account and one developer and have grown to over 10 Servers in 6 DC’s in the US.

    We have been with many hosts over the past few years and none has impressed me as much as The main reason we were having to jump hosts often was none of them could keep up with our BW requirements and rapid growth . We have been with Serverhub for almost a year and a half now and we have had a excellent experience with them. We are in both their Phoenix AZ location and their new Dallas TX location.

    WIth an impressive Network Blend of Cogent, Hurricane Electric, & newly added Level3 they provide a great home for the majority of our File Servers & our other misc servers.. I also think they are adding NTT to the Texas DC shortly.

    The one thing that really stands out about Serverhub is their customer service reps. Quick story on my first interaction with John from Serverhub.

    Our current host at the time had shut off our server ahead of our cancellation so I was in a panic and contacted John. He quickly responded and offered to help get a temporary webpage up for our domain with a notice to all users that we will be down for x amount of time while we move servers. This was around 12:30am by the way.

    So we got a temp page up and after many emails to the old host we were able to get the server back up and start moving TB’s of data to Serverhub. Safe to say we got everything moved in 2 days and with about 2hrs to spare before the host turned off out systems.

    Point of the story is that John and his techs were nice enough at this late hour to setup a Maintenance page for us at no charge and within minutes. John even called me up that night and offered his assistance which wasn't something I expected any host to do let alone that late into the night. Was a great first impression of many.

    It has been almost 2 years with Serverhub and I have pulled a few of my other partners into using them for their servers. Got a partner a new server with them just last week for a heck of a steal. John has been awesome with providing great prices and custom configurations for us and my partners/friends. If you dont see what you like on the site shoot them an email and John or one of the other team mates will get you taken care of.

    I have many more great interactions and things to say about Serverhub and I will add them to this review as I get more time but its getting pretty late so will call it a night.

    I hope you server fanatics like me give them a shout and see for yourself how great their support team is and the great deals they can make with you. Sure no hosts is perfect and there will always be little hiccups here and there but show me a host that does not. They come pretty close to perfect in my book and I can stand by that statement with the number of hosts we have tried over the years

    Alex P.

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    Always nice to see a positive review, congrats to Serverhub!
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