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    Question How to "watch" an SSH user in real-time on CentOS?


    What is the best way to "watch" an SSH user in real-time? (Assuming I am root.) I want to see exactly what they're typing, as they type it, and the resulting output.

    (So "history" or watching ".bash_history" won't be suitable.)

    I've found a few possible options:

    • ttysnoop
    • screen

    What do you think? Is there anything better? ttysnoop seems a little complicated to install, and I'm not sure how to get screen to "see" another user's session.

    I am using a standard cpanel server on CentOS.

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    To watch their session using "screen -x" they need to be working within a screen session so they will know that you are watching the session too. This is usually being used for remote maintenance/remote assistance or for education purposes.

    Option A: You can just try watching or tailing the virtual console and try to change the number vcsa1, vcsa2 etc:

    cat /dev/vcsa1

    Option B: Try Sniffy ,

    Option C: You can also replace their shell with a wrapper that logs their activity before passing them to the real shell.

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    You can install screen with "yum install screen" command. You can list the existing screens with screen -ls command. You can attach a screen with command screen -r [screen name]. If its already attached at the other end, you will have to use screen -x. At any time to exit from the screen, press (ctl+A) + D.
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