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    NetEarthOne vs eNom

    I am torn, between NetEarthOne and eNom as a reseller choice. Currently I have a NEO account at it seems good, the pricing seems a little better, especially on private whois. I also like the NEO includes my brand on whois info.

    But then there is eNom. The first thing thing I can say NEO misses that is huge is two factor authentication. Managing domains for customers security is important. I do not see any MFA (multi factor authentication) options for NEO, eNom offers at least offer "Account Validation" which requires me to answer 2 security questions randomly picked from 4 possible, though something using a Yubikey or Google Authenticator would be best I would say eNom still wins.

    Then there is the actual domain management. I have to give it to enom again. I'm not likeling the logixboxes/orderbox system as of now, the system seems broken almost unless you use their prebuilt site. Trying to build your own implementation via API does not work. YOu have to create customer "accounts" even though I don;t want to use their prebuilt site. With eNom thats all optional.

    I am so torn, neither is all there IMO and I can't decide which is the closest to perfect for me. I have to say I am leaning towards enom but I like the responsiveness of NEO Support, I like NEO pricing and the fact that any deposit is refundable.

    What are your thoughts. Is there a better option than these two? Any feedback would be great.

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    Been using NEO for the past couple years with no issues. Support is normally pretty quick as well when/if required. We do not use the control panels that are included as we have the customers redirected to our WHMCS system for any domain ordering/management and billing. We only use the NEO Reseller area for topping up the account and related domain management.

    No experience with eNom.
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    I use enom before very nice but they should add a paypal option would be nice. never use netherone yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoHelpHost View Post
    I use enom before very nice but they should add a paypal option would be nice. never use netherone yet
    You can refill your eNom's account using Paypal. You just need to create a contract then you can refill the account whenever you want.

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    oh really didn know that

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    NEO is the best out of the two, I've got an account at both, and never used the Enom, it's complicated to use and support it useless. NEO is the other oppersite, easy to use control panel using Logicboxes and great british support.
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    ive only ever used enom, they are great.

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