ZVM is a new package that we are offering which attempts to address most customer requirements in a single product. We wanted this to be a product that is as complete as possible and can satisfy customer needs from a basic virtual machine up to a very complex virtual machine which equals a high end dedicated server. We also wanted the product to be versatile and easy to use meaning that it can be reloaded and restarted as needed with the push of a button while also allowing access to IP and DNS services. In addition to the above it should also have an excellent price/performance ratio since that is what we strive to offer to all of our customers. It is our policy to offer the best value possible to our customers. In addition it also needed to provide an easy means to create backups in case of disaster while not hampering performance.

After extensive research we finally selected an OpenVZ platform using the SolusVM management panel since they seem to be most widely used in the industry. In addition to that templates are freely available for the OpenVZ platform and resource allocation is very simple and straightforward while allowing an excellent resource sharing framework. We added our own experience with virtual systems to deploy the system on a 2 separate drive based hardware structure and making use of LVM to provide snapshot functionality which removes the stress from creating backups for running systems. These add-ons and configurations alone are worth many hours of testing and customization. To make this concept easier to understand we are going to detail below some real world usage examples so as to show the versatility of this new product.

One usage scenario would be to deploy a large VM and add to it the very popular cPanel management console for VPS which costs $15 monthly for the cPnel license instead of paying a full dedicated server cPanel license which costs about $35 monthly. As such the end product provides reboot and reload functionality as well as a cpanel license for about $20 less than an equivalent dedicated server.

Another usage scenario would be to use this product as a startup business activity with a ( sell the rest ) policy. This means you can create one or more VMs for personal use such as to host your company website and another for a blog to promote your activity and offer VMs on the same server which you can sell alongside your own VMs. Like this it is possible to start a business with a single up front purchase and be in profit after having sold only a few machines.

Another usage would be for SEO professionals who would like to have the possibility to deploy and modify VMs on an as needed basis and to be able to allocate and remove IPs as needed to the systems. It is also possible to test new techniques and to make templates from optimized VMs which can be used to deploy new systems on the fly or to use them as backups for existing systems.

Another usage would be to use the system to deploy a distributed service for very busy websites or blogs by creating a dedicated database VM on the same server. This allows for easy migration and expansion as the demand for performance increases and it becomes possible to simply relocate the VM to another server with almost no downtime since the system is already distributed.

Usage examples are endless and everyone can find the ideal mix and match on such a system to create an optimized computing solution. Should you require any consulting or advice for any particular type of structure then please feel free to open a ticket with us and we will respond promptly.

Also for the launch we are offering an exceptional $40 discount for the first month on this system so that you may try it for one month at the very low price of $79.99. Please make sure to use the 40usdmonth1 coupon at checkout to receive the discount.

2 x Quad XEON 5420 +16GB RAM +2x500GB SATA +10TB/1Gbps +25 IP +SolusVM OpenVZ unlimited license +Custom LVM based 2 drive build.

Billing Cycle:

$119.99 monthly- 40usdmonth1 coupon = $79.99 for the first month.

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