I will begin introducing my self .
My name is Costel i live in Romania and i'm a retired hacker ( experience with finding vulnerability's/backdoors/etc. ).
I'm searching for a long term job , which comes along with a contract i can work remotely or onsite (relocating) .

My Skills and Expertise:-

Operating Systems : CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian , Fedora
What i can do is :


*Scanning ( searching for vulnerable doors, or finding out if the server was already hacked ) - which is the part I'm very familiar .

*Repairing ( bugs/errors/mistakes fixing etc ).

*There might be other things i might forget to add but what i can say is I'm open mind if there is something iv never meet i usually fix it well and fast .

Question:Why would you hire me instead someone else ?
Answer: 1) I love linux.
2)I can automate any task using scripting in couple of hours
3)I am a quick learner ( in case i face something that i don't know)
4)I have a good knowledge about security/hacking ( which it means i can protect the server to stay away from bad things which can happens )

If you think i fit for you job needs you can contact me via email/skype for further information about me . ( Detailed Resume/Interview/Question etc.)

Contact details

Email: [email protected]
Skype: linuxvartmp